Brand: PH
Country of origin: South South Korea
Product specification (size): 25×35 cm
Capacity or quantity: 60 sheets
Color: Chocolate+Brown+White
Material: Heritage paper

: Wrapping paper that can be used for packaging such as sandwiches, chocolate, cookies, bread, etc.
: Sophisticated design printed in English helps improve the completeness of packaging
: A product that is not coated, so you can feel the texture of the paper as it is.

상품명: 피에이치 영문 유산지 3종 세트
브랜드: 피에이치
제조국: 대한민국
제품사양(사이즈): 25*35cm
용량&수량: 60장
색상: 초코+브라운+화이트
재질: 유산지

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