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VESTA Tennis Practice Ball 10P
  • $20.61

Brand: VESTA Country of origin: China Product specification: 63 mm Capacity & quantity: 10P Material: Rubber It is good for tennis beginners to practice using high-quality felt. It's a good ball to use for children's...

Availability: 999 In Stock
HEAD Championship 2B Tennis Ball 60g x 2P
  • $11.61

Brand: HEAD Country of origin: Thailand Product specification: Diameter: 6.7 cm Capacity & quantity: 60g x 2P Material: Premium high density felt, rubber It is a compression ball that boasts the best all-around performance and...

Availability: 999 In Stock
EVERLAST 2-star ping pong ball. Orange 75g
  • $15.30

Brand: EVERLAST Country of origin: China Capacity & quantity: 1P Material: Celluloid EV spin hard balls have advantages of stable bounding and fast rotation. Unlike existing softballs, accurate and range of offense and defense is...

Availability: 999 In Stock
Wilson Professional over grip for rackets. Yellow 12p
  • $44.04

Brand: Wilson Country of origin: Indonesia Product specification: 1100×25 mm, thickness 0.55 mm Capacity & quantity: 12p Material: Synthetic rubber You can wrap it around a badminton or tennis racket grip. It's the best over-grip...

Availability: 999 In Stock
EMPIRE pen holder table tennis racket 130g + racket bag
  • Sold out
  • $18.30

Brand: EMPIRE Country of origin: China Product specification: 253×137 mm, racket thickness 15 mm Capacity & quantity: 130g Material: Wood, rubber It's a good racket for introductory purposes such as home and company because it's...

Donic Top Team 400 Shake Table Tennis Racket Set for 2 people Racket + Table Tennis Ball + Bag 500g
  • $54.78

Brand: Donic Country of origin: China Country of origin: China Product specification: Table tennis ball diameter 40 mm Capacity & quantity: 500g Material: Wood, sponge Rubber rubber affects repulsion and safety. The special sponge between...

Availability: 999 In Stock
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