Brand: Soboko.
Country of Origin: South Korea
Package Information: Glass Container.
Capacity & Quantity: 250g

"Real Rice thief" that completes a delicious and healthy meal when you don't have side dishes, when you don't have appetite, and when you're worried about your family's dinner. As much as 40% of Korean beef. Add just one drop of sesame oil on fried eggs and mix soboko.
Half meat, half red pepper paste, half Korean beef stir-fried red pepper paste.
Stir-fried red pepper paste with savory, sweet, and hand flavors.
After receiving it, keep it refrigerated as much as possible.
Buffer and paper delivery box.
Soboko is a food manufacturing license company.
It is regularly inspected and managed by the competent authorities and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
It is a safe product after periodic quality inspections for all products produced.

상품명: 소보꼬 오리지널 소고기 볶음고추장 250g
브랜드: 소보꼬
제조국: 대한민국
패키지 정보: 유리용기
용량&수량: 250g

반찬 없을 때, 입맛 없을 때, 가족들 저녁거리가 걱정될 때 맛있고 건강한 한 끼를 완성시켜주는 '진짜 밥도둑'
한우가 무려 40%. 계란프라이, 참기름 딱 한방울만 추가해주세요.
고기 반, 고추장 반 한우볶음고추장.
감칠맛, 매콤한 맛, 고소한 맛, 달콤한 맛, 손맛이 잘 어울어진 볶음고추장.
받으신 후 가급적 냉장보관해주세요.
완충재 + 종이택배박스.
소보꼬는 식품제조 허가회사입니다.
정기적으로 관할 기관 및 식약처의 점검 및 관리를 받고 있습니다.
생산하는 모든 제품에 대해 주기적인 품질검사를 받아 안전한 제품입니다.






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