Brand: Wonabang
Country of Origin: South Korea
Product Specifications (size): Top Width 140cm, Bottom Width 155cm Length 69cm, String Length 160cm
Volume & Quantity: 1P
Color: Yellow
Age of Use: Infants
Material: Outer material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton/Filling material: 100% polyester

How to use (How to handle):
Hand wash lightly in lukewarm water at 30 degrees with a neutral detergent.

The design has been upgraded with cute teddy bear embroidery.
It is made soft by quilting vertically.
It does not flow down well by quilting treatment and has an excellent fit, so you can carry your child stably.

상품명: 원아방 고급 포대기 7부
브랜드: 원아방
원산지: 대한민국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 상단가로 140cm, 하단가로 155cm 세로 69cm, 끈길이 160cm
용량&수량: 1P
색상: 옐로우
사용연령: 영유아
재질: 겉감:폴리에스터65%, 면35%/충전재:폴리에스터100%

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