Brand: Fognae
Country of Origin: South Korea
Product Specification(size): 100*35*200mm
Volume & Quantity: 100g
Color: Ivory
Age of Use: Available for all ages
Material: 100% organic cotton

How to use (How to handle):
Don't wash it alone with a neutral detergent.
Dry in a cool place.
The use of bleach, dye, chlorine, and fluorescent whitening agents is prohibited.
Before using it, check for abnormalities such as buckles or sewing before using it.

상품명: 포그내 오가닉 아기띠 침받이 100g
브랜드: 포그내
원산지: 대한민국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 100*35*200mm
용량&수량: 100g
색상: 아이보리
사용연령: 모든 연령 사용 가능
재질: 오가닉면 100%

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