Brand: Bebefit
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Product Specification(size): Belt 60.96~114.3cm
Volume & Quantity: 530g
Color: Airy Blue
Age of Use: 0-36 months
Material: Outer material: 84% polyester, 16% cotton / Lining: 100% polyester / Hip seat: ABS, PA66, SUS

How to use (How to handle):
Before holding the baby, check the hip seat up and down two or three times to make sure it is securely fixed before use.

1. Compact and light, it can be carried in an eco-bag or suitcase when going out or traveling.
2. An inner pocket has been added to make it safer and more comfortable to store your belongings.

상품명: 베베핏 라이트 휴대용 폴더블 힙시트기 530g
브랜드: 베베핏
원산지: 베트남
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 벨트 60.96~114.3cm
용량&수량: 530g
색상: 에어리블루
사용연령: 0~36개월
재질: 겉감: 폴리에스터 84%, 면16% / 안감: 폴리에스터 100% / 힙시트: ABS, PA66, SUS

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