Brand: Thesari
Country of Origin: China
Product Specification(size): 12~16 type (30~40cm)
Volume & Quantity: 2p
Color: Mixed color
Age of Use: All ages
Material: 100% polyester

How to use (How to handle)
Separate washing is recommended.
Handwashing is recommended.
Don't wash it in hot water. (Because of the nature of the fabric, there is a risk of contraction or deformation when washing in hot water.)

It is made of high-quality mesh and is a windy product.
It's a product that doesn't stretch easily with a hexagonal net.
It can cover the back of the fan, so it can be used stably.
It is easy to use because it is finished with an elastic rubber band.
Nordic-style design can create a modern indoor atmosphere.
It can be washed and managed hygienically.

상품명: 더자리 프리미엄 선풍기 안전망 2p
브랜드: 더자리
원산지: 중국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 12~16형(30~40cm)
용량&수량: 2p
색상: 혼합색상
사용연령: 전연령
재질:폴리에스테르 100%

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