Brand: Agard
Country of Origin: South Korea
Product Specification(size): 74x44mm
Volume & Quantity: 1p
Color: Yellow
Age of Use: All ages
Material: ABS, EVA

How to use (How to handle)
Watch out for fire.
High-temperature and high-humidities can weaken.
Don't let children put the product in their mouths or play with it.

It doesn't slip well because of its good friction.
The soft rubber material does not damage the door.
It prevents accidents in which the wind blows and the door is automatically closed and trapped.
The fun and sophisticated design that children like is effective for interior design.

상품명: 아가드 바나나 문닫힘방지
브랜드: 아가드
원산지: 대한민국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 74x44mm
용량&수량: 1p
색상: 노란색
사용연령: 전연령
재질: ABS, EVA

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