Brand: Leto. Country of origin: China Product specification (size/size): 540 mm × 250 mm × 75 mm, load weight 13 kg or less Color: Black Age of use: All ages Volume & Quantity: 900g x 1p Material: Plastic
How to use (How to handle) 1. Put the monitor on top and use it. Basic explanation It is more robust because there are a total of five support legs that support the load. It can be used as a smartphone cradle. You can store business cards, memo writing tools, etc. Cable wires can be arranged through the bottom cable groove.

상품명: 레토 모니터 받침대 LMS-P03 900g
브랜드: 레토
원산지: 중국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 540mm×250mm×75mm, 하중무게 13kg 이하
색상: 블랙
용량&수량: 900g x 1p
재질: 플라스틱

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