Brand: Comet
Country of origin: China
Product specifications (size/size): #2 Round full length: 18.2 cm Brush length: 1.2 cm
#4 Flat Shader Total length: 18.5 cm Brush length: 1 cm
#6 Filbert Full length: 18.9 cm Brush length: 1.2 cm
#10 Flat Shader Total Length: 19.3 cm Brush Length: 1.3 cm
[#3/4" Flat Wash Total Length: 19.9 cm Brush Length: 2.3 cm
#1" Flat Full length: 19.7 cm Brush length: 3.4 cm
#3/4" Oval Wash Total Length: 20.5 cm Brush Length: 2.5 cm
#8 Round Full length: 20.2cm Brush length: 2.4cm
#4 Round Full length: 18.5 cm Brush length:
#0 Round Full length: 17.5 cm Brush length: 0.7 cm
Color: Red
Volume & Quantity: 10p + pouch
Material: Brush wool: nylon, handle: birch

How to use (How to handle)
1. Do not use it except for its intended use.
2. Keep it out of reach of children.
3. Wash, dry, and store after use.
4. Don't put it in your mouth.

There's little hair loss.
It is made of good wood and has a good grip.
It's good to use from beginners to experts.

상품명: 코멧 아크릴 브러쉬 10p 세트
브랜드: 코멧
원산지: 중국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): #2 Round 전체길이: 18.2cm 브러쉬길이: 1.2cm
#4 Flat Shader 전체길이: 18.5cm 브러쉬길이: 1cm
#6 Filbert 전체길이: 18.9cm 브러쉬길이: 1.2cm
#10 Flat Shader 전체길이: 19.3cm 브러쉬길이: 1.3cm
#3/4" Flat Wash 전체길이: 19.9cm 브러쉬길이: 2.3cm
#1" Flat 전체길이: 19.7cm 브러쉬길이: 3.4cm
#3/4" Oval Wash 전체길이: 20.5cm 브러쉬길이: 2.5cm
#8 Round 전체길이: 20.2cm 브러쉬길이: 2.4cm
#4 Round 전체길이: 18.5cm 브러쉬길이:
#0 Round 전체길이: 17.5cm 브러쉬길이: 0.7cm
색상: 레드
용량&수량: 10p + 파우치
재질: 브러쉬 모: 나일론, 손잡이: 자작나무

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