Brand: Like a party
Country of origin: China
Product specification (size/size): 3 cm wide, 30 cm when unfolded
Color: Pink, blue, red, gold, green, silver
Volume & Quantity: 24p
Material: PVC and other

How to use (How to handle)
4. Keep away from the fire.

The wealth is said to have spread and folded depending on the intensity of the silver foil.
It's a trumpet that makes a cheerful sound.

상품명: 파티코끼리나팔 24p
브랜드: 파티처럼
원산지: 중국
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 가로 3cm, 펼쳤을 때 30cm
색상: 핑크, 블루, 레드, 골드, 그린, 실버
용량&수량: 24p
재질: PVC 외

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