Brand: Shinbi Apartment
Country of origin: China
Product specification: 220*295*6mm
Material used: paper
Age of use: over 37 months

How to handle
Be careful not to touch the fire.
Do not put it in your mouth.

product descriptions
Have fun with Ghost Tattoo Glow Stickers!
When you open the play board, a scene from the animation appears.
You can attach and detach the SinB apartment friends with the removal sticker.

상품명: 신비아파트고스트볼 더블X 6개의 예언: 타투 야광 스티커
브랜드: 신비아파트
원산지: 중국
제품사양: 220*295*6mm
사용재료: 종이
사용연령: 37개월 이상

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고스트 타투 야광 스티커로 재밌게 즐기세요!
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