Brand: Shinbi Apartment
Country of origin: South Korea
Product specification: 260*750mm
Material: PVC, etc.
Age of use: 7 years or older

How to handle
It will be damaged if you put too much air in it.
Check for leaks after air injection
Don't keep fire close
Please close the stopper

product descriptions
The wide handle which can play in the water happily is with it
Prevents the backrest-type pedestal from falling backwards during play
Printing on the inside of the fabric makes it comfortable for children to use
Cushioned panties with cotton are applied to prevent chafing

상품명: 신비아파트 손잡이튜브 75+핸드펌프 세트 1000g
브랜드: 신비아파트
원산지: 한국
제품사양: 260*750mm
사용재료: PVC 외
사용연령: 7세 이상

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