Brand: Kongsuni
Country of origin: China
Product Specifications: 230 x 280x 50mm
Material used: EVA
Age of use: 3 years or older

How to handle
Be careful not to touch the fire.
Do not apply excessive shock or force.
Do not throw at animals or people.
Do not put it in your mouth.

product descriptions
The soft material can be attached to and removed from the bathroom wall or glass window.
After bathing, drain the water and put it in the net.
Bags, Submarines, Fire Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Automobiles, Fire Trucks, Trains, Strollers, Ambulances, Kickboards, Bicycles, Cable Cars, Police Cars, Pokanes, Kindergarten Buses, Buses, Ships (18PCS)

상품명: 콩순이 콩콩이 목욕스티커 (탈 것) 150g
브랜드: 콩순이
원산지: 중국
제품사양: 230 x 280x 50mm
사용재료: EVA
사용연령: 3세 이상

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