Brand: Kongsuni Country of origin: China Product Specifications: 210 x 60x 170mm Material: ABS, etc. Age of use: 3 years or older How to handle method Be careful not to touch the fire. Do not apply excessive shock or force. Do not throw at animals or people. Do not put it in your mouth. basic explanation I listen to songs with Kongsun and go fishing. When a fish comes up with its mouth open as it spins, catch it with a fishing rod. Kongsuni doll returns to the song of Kongsuni. There are 4 fishing rods. It is good for fine motor development and concentration improvement.

상품명: 콩순이 노래하는 낚시놀이 2000g
브랜드: 콩순이
원산지: 중국
제품사양: 210 x 60x 170mm
사용재료: ABS 외
사용연령: 3세 이상

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