Country of origin: China
Product specification: width 20cm x length 17.5cm x height 8.5cm
Material used: plastic
Age of use: over 3 months

How to handle
Please be careful not to touch the fire
Do not apply excessive shock or force.
Do not throw at animals or people.

product descriptions
Suitable size for babies to play with on their own
It consists of seven rattles of various shapes
Beads sound when shaken to induce baby's curiosity
It has a case for convenient storage after use

상품명: 베이비붐 회전 7종 세트
브랜드: 베이비붐
원산지: 중국
제품사양: 가로 20cm x 세로 17.5cm x 높이 8.5cm
사용재료: 플라스틱
사용연령: 3개월 이상

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