Brand: adidas
Country of origin: Pakistan
Product specification: 51×3.5×0.4 cm
Capacity & quantity: 800g
Material: Cotton, nylon, neoprene

With the added neoprene padding material, you can steam more comfortable exercise.
With a safe grip, you can protect your palms during exercise and is suitable for all weight lifting exercises.

How to use it
Wrap it around a handle such as dumbbells or barbells to prevent slipping when working out or exercising.

상품명: 아디다스 리프팅 면 스트랩 2p
브랜드: 아디다스
제조국: 파키스탄
제품사양: 51x3.5x0.4cm
용량&수량: 800g
재질: 코튼, 나일론, 네오플렌

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