Country of origin: China
Product specifications: 10×24×8 cm
Capacity & quantity: 210g
Material: EVA

It can be attached tightly with hexagonal screws.
With its excellent waterproof function, you can ride without worrying about rain.
The storage space is separated on both sides, so more belongings can be stored.

How to use it
Install the cradle using the tool.
Hang a saddle holder and attach a Velcro strap.

상품명: 락브로스 자전거 카본패턴 앤 하드 케이스 안장 가방 210g
브랜드: 락브로스
제조국: 중국
제품사양: 10x24x8cm
용량&수량: 210g
재질: EVA

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