Brand: Booms
Country of origin: China
Product specification: 3.8×9.7×1.25 cm
Capacity & quantity: 25g x 3p
Material: Plastic

It can be easily attached and detached anywhere, such as vests and bags.
Various fishing tools can be installed on the pin-only to be used conveniently.
It is durable, so you can maintain the restoration ability of the rope even if you use it several times.
Strong pin arrival keeps the fishing tool safe and secure to prevent loss of fishing tools.

How to use it
Press the ring to open it and attach it to your bag, vest, pants, etc.

상품명: 붐스 RG1 핀온릴 25g x 3p
브랜드: 붐스
제조국: 중국
제품사양: 3.8x9.7x1.25cm
용량&수량: 25g x 3p
재질: 플라스틱

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