Brand: adidas
Country of origin: Indonesia
Product specification: 36×21×5.5 cm
Capacity & quantity: 600g
Material: Polyester

It is a solid bag with solid durability and easy portability.
It is a practical design with an adjustable structure that can be worn around the body or around the waist.
You can easily store essentials in two zipper pockets.

How to use it
Adjust the strap and wear it on your shoulder.

상품명: 아디다스 오리지널 크로스바디 힙색 600g + 볼펜
브랜드: 아디다스
제조국: 인도네시아
제품사양: 36x21x5.5cm
용량&수량: 600g
재질: 폴리에스터

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