Brand: Ritchel
Country of Manufacture: China
Product Specification (Size): 11.5*7.15cm
Capacity & quantity: 320ml
Material: Polypropylene, Tritan, Silicon

A mug for children to carry around when they go out.
There is a stopper that does not leak when the lid is closed.
It's a transparent bottle, so it's easy to check the contents.

It is prohibited for use other than its intended use.
It may be damaged in case of a strong impact.
Please use it under the supervision of your guardian.

상품명: 릿첼 AQ 빨대컵 320ml
브랜드: 릿첼
제조국: 중국
제품사양(사이즈): 11.5*7.15cm
용량&수량: 320ml
재질: 폴리프로필렌, 트라이탄, 실리콘

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