Brand: Oral-B
Country of manufacture: United States
Capacity & quantity: 6p
Material: Soft wool
Type: Toothbrush

I recommend it to those who want to take care of their entire mouth healthy.
I recommend it to those who want a clean cleaning up to the back of their molars.
I recommend it to those who want a soft gum massage.
Gently remove the plaque inside the gum.
Wash foreign substances inside your gums with comb-shaped toothbrush.
It is a toothbrush suitable for weak gums by gently stimulating the gums with gum massage function.

상품명: 오랄비 크로스액션 컴플리트7 35모 칫솔 6p
브랜드: 오랄비
제조국: 미국
용량&수량: 6p
재질: 부드러운 모
종류: 칫솔

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