Brand: Easy Drop
Country of origin: Republic of Korea
Capacity & quantity: 80g x 5p
Texture: Tissue type
Type: Detergent

How to use
Insert the refill brush into the handle and pull the button to fix it.
After cleaning the toilet, push the button and throw it into the toilet.

It is a disposable toilet cleaner that can be cleaned immediately as soon as the detergent is released.
It is made of natural decomposition ingredients that dissolve well in water, so after cleaning, put it in the toilet and flush it.
Lemon-scented sanitizer and brush become one and the detergent is released when water touches it.
The curved handle allows you to clean every corner of the toilet easily and quickly.

Keep it out of reach of children.
People with sensitive or damaged skin should be careful not to touch the product for a long time.
Be careful not to push the button on the handle forward.
Don't use it except for the purpose.
Detergent colors may permeate areas with rough or non-smooth surfaces, such as toilets and tiles, so be careful when using them.
I recommend you to flush the toilet with one brush.
Close your zipper when you store it.
Stay away from the fire.
Wear appropriate protective gear such as gloves and masks.
If you use it in a closed space, ventilate it thoroughly.

브랜드: 이지드롭
제조국: 대한민국
용량&수량: 80g x 5p
제형: 티슈형
종류: 세정제

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