Brand: Dailylike
Country of origin: China
Capacity & quantity: 180g x 3p
Color: 03 more slim
Size: 23 cm × 35 cm × 60 cm

How to use
Fix the snap button before using it.

It's a recycling bin that helps you easily recycle.
It is designed to make it easy to distinguish recyclables at a glance.
It is effective in utilizing space by reducing the width of the recycling bin.
It can accommodate a lot of capacity with a sufficient depth.
It can be easily attached and detached with a snap button.
Waterproof fabric that does not tear easily and is resistant to contamination was used.

If you have strong colored food such as kimchi or curry, it may leave stains, so wipe it off immediately in case of contamination.
Avoid washing. If you need to wash it, wipe it with a wet towel.
The product can be deformed or damaged, so stay away from fire.
Long exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration.
Don't use it for anything other than storage.

브랜드: 데일리라이크
제조국: 중국
용량&수량: 180g x 3p
색상: 03 more slim
크기: 23cm x 35cm x 60cm

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