Brand: Briskstyle
Country of origin: China
Capacity & Quantity: 3p
Size: 250/270/50mm
Material: Polyester

It is a vegetable net that keeps various vegetables fresh and not soft.
There is a rod that fixes the shape at the top, so the shape does not break.
The water drains well and dries quickly, so you can use it in the bathroom.
Easy cleaning is possible.

상품명: 브리스크스타일 다용도 주방 양파 마늘 채소망
브랜드: 브리스크스타일
제조국: 중국
용량&수량: 3p
크기: 250/270/50mm
재질: 폴리에스터

각종 채소들이 무르지 않게 신선하게 보관해주는 채소망입니다.
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