Brand: Sampio
Country of Origin: South Korea
Package Information: Plastic Container
Capacity & Quantity: 300ml

All you have to do is pour it in and the pickled onions are done!
(Seasoned cabbage, pickled chives, pickled radish is okay, too)
Avoid direct sunlight and store it in a dry and cool place.

상품명: 새미네부엌 고깃집 양파절임소스 300ml
브랜드: 새미네부엌
제조국: 대한민국
패키지 정보: 플라스틱 용기
용량&수량: 300ml

붓기만 하면 양파절임 완성!
(양배추절임, 부추절임, 쌈무도 OK)
직사광선을 피하고 건조하고 서늘한 곳에 보관.





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