Brand: Pinkfong
Country of Origin: China
Capacity & Quantity: 220g x 1p
Material: 100% polyester
Size: 18.5 x 31 x 11cm

It's a baby shark backpack.
It is a shoulder strap that can be adjusted in length and can be used according to the height of the child.
There is an anti-flow buckle.
You can store your child's belongings in your backpack.
It's a light and soft texture.

상품명: 핑크퐁 아기상어 인형배낭 WP-B74
브랜드: 핑크퐁
제조국: 중국
용량&수량: 220g x 1p
재질: 폴리에스테르 100%
사이즈 : 18.5 x 31 x 11cm

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