Brand: Kakao Friends
Country of Origin: China
Volume & Quantity: Rectangular 160ml, cylindrical 130ml, 4p
Product Specification(Size): Rectangular 88×88×65mm, cylindrical 89×65mm
Material: Glass, Polypropylene, Rubber(Silicon)

It is easy to store baby food or snacks.
The container is marked with a tick mark on the container.
There is a scale, so it's easy to adjust the capacity.
It's an easy size to carry.
It seals well, so you can keep your food fresh.

상품명: 리틀카카오프렌즈 유리 이유식기 및 반찬용기 4p 세트
브랜드: 카카오프렌즈
제조국: 중국
용량&수량: 사각형 160ml, 원통형 130ml, 4p
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 사각형 88 x 88 x 65mm, 원통형 89 x 65mm
재질: 유리, 폴리프로필렌, 고무제(실리콘)

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