Country of Origin: China
Volume & Quantity: 150g
Product Specification(Size): 14.5 x 11.5 x 14cm
Material: PP, TPE

It's a snack cup for snacks.
It is made in a structure that does not spill even if it shakes.
The entrance is made of soft material.
It has a handle, so it's easy for a child to carry around.
You can store large amounts of snacks.
Please turn the lid on the bottom of the product to the side and put the snack in.

상품명: 톨스토이 유아용 핸들 스낵컵
브랜드: 톨스토이
원산지: 중국
용량&수량: 150g
제품사양(크기/사이즈): 14.5 x 11.5 x 14cm
재질: PP, TPE

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