Brand: The Simpsons
Country of Manufacture: South Korea
Product Specifications (size): 225 ml / 95 × 75 × 72 mm
Capacity & Quantity: 5P
Material: PP

It is a cup with different upper and lower surfaces so that the cups can be separated easily when they are overlapped.
It is designed so that several cups can be stacked and stored.
It is good for children to use because it is made of plastic.

Use is prohibited outside of its intended use, and please use it after washing it.
Use a soft sponge when washing.
Please be careful as it can be damaged by sudden temperature changes.
Do not use in dishwashers or microwaves.

상품명: 심슨가족 핸들컵 5P x 225ml
브랜드: 심슨가족
제조국: 대한민국
제품사양(사이즈): 225ml / 95 x 75 x 72 mm
용량&수량: 5P
재질: PP

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